This dictionary was made possible by the contributions of dozens of language consultants and advisors. From 2016 to present, Crow people provided words, descriptions, and interpretations as a part of the effort to create a text corpus and lexical database. Their assistance on this dictionary have helped to preserve the language for future generations.

We would like to thank and acknowledge Father Randolph Graczyk. His decades of work on the Crow language, particularly the word lists he has elicited and compiled since the early 1970s, formed the basis of this dictionary. Father Randolph Graczyk’s dictionary began from the work of Ray Gordon, who translated the New Testament into the Crow language, and grew with contributions from Mary Helen Medicine Horse, Hu Matthews, and others involved in the Crow bilingual program. Throughout the many decades of his work, Father Randolph Graczyk relied on the assistance of many speakers, including Cartie Goes Ahead, Clara Big Lake, Dorothy Spotted Bear, George Reed, Jr., Heywood Big Day, Joyce DeCrane, Marlan Goes Ahead, Mary Frances Flat Lip, Philip Beaumont, and Vincent Goes Ahead.

A number of especially devoted and knowledgeable speakers added more extensive commentary and contextualization to this dictionary. Their work contributed greatly to the overall accuracy of the dictionary. We are particularly appreciative of Timothy McCleary, Curtis Yarlott, Janine Pease, Raphaelle Real Bird, and Tim Bernardis. Thanks also to the staff of Little Big Horn College, in particular David Yarlott and Frederica Lefthand, whose commitment to the project ensured its continued success.

Many speakers have contributed to the dictionary, including Anna DeCrane, Beaulah Goes Ahead, Brian Pretty Eagle, Burdick Two Leggins, Carol Good Luck, Cindy Bearcloud, Dora Hugs, Doris Plainfeather, Fannie Ward, Frances Takes Enemy, Grant Bull Tail, Hubert Two Leggins, Jeff Rides the Bear, Joseph Buffalo Bull Tail, Karmelita Plains Bull, Levi Yellow Mule, Melville Stops, Riley Singer, Roanne Hill, Robyn Crooked Arm, Sarge Old Horn, Stephanie Amyotte, Theresa Sends Part Home, Tylis Bad Bear, Vance Crooked Arm, Velda Duputee.

Additionally, we are grateful to the many participants of the Crow Summer Institute and those who contributed to the Level 1 Textbooks for their input and guidance: Alfretta Jefferson, Amanda Oberg, Angela Ruby Plainfeather, Bethany Yellowtail, Brian Rickert, Cheryl Jefferson, Chrislyn Red Star, Courtney Stewart, Dale Old Horn, John Adams, Leilani Rickert, Mardell Plainfeather, Mary White Hip, Matthew Yellowtail, Melissa Spiers, Stephen Yellowtail, Trivain Rides the Bear, Twyla Birdinground, Wailes Yellowtail, Willie Stewart Sr.

We would also like to thank the many participants of our 2018 rapid word collection process, which compiled over 14,000 words for this dictionary. These participants include Alice Hunts Arrow, Angela De Crane, Billie Plain Feather, Carol Good Luck, Cerise Plain Feather, Charles J. Yarlott Jr., Chuck Real Bird, Cyle Lloyd Old Elk, Daniel C. Old Elk Sr., Dominic Costa, Fannie Cliff, Felice Bigday, George R. Real Bird, Gilford W. Sees The Ground, Grady Hunts Arrow, Gwendolyn Plain Bull, Hubert B. Two Leggins, Jack Real Bird, Joanne Rock Above, Jody Demontiney, Josephine Wall, Levi Yellow Mule, Lizabeth Pretty on Top, Marlan Goes Ahead, Mary A. De Crane, Morton Big Medicine, Newton Old Crow, Regina Yarlott, Renita Hill, Reuben De Crane, Robert C. Flat Lip, Robyn P. Crooked Arm, Roland K. Plainfeather, Ruby Plainfeather, Sarge Old Horn, Theresa Sends Part Home, Valerie F. Not Afraid, Douglas Vance Crooked Arm, Michelle N. Ridesthewhitehippedhorse, Victoria Bad Bear, Randy Graczyk, Roanne Hill, and Timothy McCleary.

The Crow Language Consortium would also like to thank the staff at The Language Conservancy, in particular Bob Rugh, Jillian Danaher, Coleton Hast, and David Heath for their linguistic expertise, Josephine Douglas, Logan Swango, and Elliot Thornton for their technical assistance, Allison Horner for her graphic design, and Courtney Foster, Jocelyn Wallace, and Jessica Leach for assistance with funding the project. Additionally, we would like to thank the many interns who dedicated their time to this project: Aaron Kearney, Alexandria O’Neil, Alexis Bujtas, Caoife Garvey, Heavenly Zheng, Hilda Friday, Ivy Richardson, Joshua Lee, Leslie Fink, Margaret Buchanan, Nathanial Clark, Olivia Ryan, Ria Dela Rosa, Samantha Meyers, Samuel Day, Stefan Wooding, and Zoe Barnstone-Clark. The project also benefitted from the guidance of staff from SIL International, including Steve Echerd, Kevin Warfel, and Raquel Casilla.

Michael and Joseph Fitzgerald have been friends and supporters whose indirect help was critical to making this dictionary as well.

Finally, this dictionary was made possible by the generous financial contributions of the Administration for Native Americans, the Foundation for Community Vitality, Humanities Montana, the Lush Charity Pot Fund, the Margaret V. Ping Foundation, the Montana Community Foundation, the Montana History Foundation, the Potlatch Fund,, the Solid Rock Foundation, and the State of Montana's Montana Indian Language Program.